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Pastor and Nikki

"... The same person Monday through Saturday that they see on Sunday"
This interview appeared in the Boca Raton News Life Section

Pastor Joe Guadagnino, Solid Rock Christian Church:

Tell us about your faith.
We believe Jesus was born, crucified and arose from the dead to free all those who would believe and confess him as Lord.

What is your favorite sermon topic?
My favorite topic is the one I am working on each week.

What is your most treasured childhood memory?
Getting baptized at age 14 and thinking that the water would turn brown with all the sins I left behind.

What has been your most heart-warming experience as a religious leader?
One of my most heart-warming feelings as a pastor came as we moved into our new building here in east Boca. We received such a warm welcome from some of the area church leaders. One church gave us music equipment and even came over and set it up, yet another church gave us a $500 check for our children’s ministry. When have you ever heard anything like this?

What is the biggest challenge facing religious leaders today?
A lot of religious leaders today have difficulties recognizing and relating to other churches as being a part of themselves and God's family. God's Church is universal and expands infinitely beyond four walls.

What is your favorite religious text?
My favorite text is the amazing perseverance of Joseph amidst the adversity he faced, and watching God exalt him through it all. (Genesis 37-50)

I would like people to remember me for… Being the same person Monday through Saturday that they see on Sunday.