Solid Rock Vision

Solid Rock Vision

Solid Rock is striving to create a culture that has tremendous passion for God and for people. Our goal is to develop a community that loves, pursues, encounters, and embraces the heart of God. We desire to see the lost redeemed, the hurting healed, and the body of believers equipped to fulfill the purposes and plans of God. The heart of our vision is:


Establish and Strengthen the Family

  • Family is the backbone of the church, so we believe it's our mandate to use multiple ways to make families stronger.


Equip and Raise Up the Next Generation of Leaders 

  • Great leaders have the ability to take any entity to a higher level. This is why developing and equipping leaders is paramount for Solid Rock.


Expand the Kingdom of God by Reaching the Lost

  • Wise people win souls which helps in expansion. Expanding is a double edged sword. The Kingdom grows and the church at Solid Rock grows. Multiplying anything for God's glory is a win-win.


Embrace the Hurting and the Downtrodden

  • Embracing the hurting, the lost, the outcast, and the broken is the Jesus model we follow at the Rock. The greatest resource a church has is people. Jesus loved everyone, especially the underdog!